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What the parents are saying


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"As an educator, I know how important it is for a child to learn a second language while she is young. I researched immersion preschools for my daughter and met with Aydé when my daughter was only two so that I would get a spot at Amiguitos; I knew it would fill up quickly! We were simply amazed by how much our daughter learned in two years. One would think that my love for the school would be because of the fact that we had a bilingual five-year-old. However, the thing that makes Amiguitos dear to my heart is the genuine patience, kindness, and love the teachers had for my child. My daughter is now an eighth grader and will be entering high school ready to take college-level Spanish classes! Amiguitos truly was the best possible preschool experience for our family." - Nancy U.

"Amiguitos! is exactly the kind of Spanish immersion preschool we were looking for for our 2 boys! My oldest son went to The International School in Portland for a year (preK), but we were not at all impressed with the school and our son did not seem to get much from his time there (even though they were full days, five days/week). Our sons had learned more at Amiguitos! in the first semester of school (and only going half days) than our oldest learned in the entire year he was at TIS! Our sons LOVE going to school and they LOVE their teachers, they are learning SO much and the atmosphere of the school is just so welcoming! We couldn't be happier with our decision to have our kids at Amiguitos! Preschool!" - Lance & Nayibe D.

"Amiguitos has been amazing for our family. Our son started Amiguitos when he was two. He is now in second grade at a local bilingual school and our daughter attends Amigitos pre-k 5 days a week. The school is clean and organized, and my children amaze me with the Spanish they have learned, but what we love the most about the school is the warmth. From the moment my son first came through the door, the teachers and staff have treated our children with kindness and care. They hug and kiss and play and laugh with them. My daughter looks forward to the days she "gets" to go to school and she loves her Maestras. We came to Amiguitos because it was bilingual, but we have stayed because of the all the love." - Jacob R.

"Amiguitos has played an important and positive role in my children's lives and development. My son is currently a thriving student at Amiguitos preschool. My daughters, who are now 7 and 9, attended preschool at Amiguitos and currently attend the Amigos after school program. Thanks to Amiguitos and their spectacular immersion program, my daughters are both bi-lingual in English and Spanish and my son is on his way to becoming bi-lingual. The staff at Amiguitos is always loving and caring towards the children.  The curriculum makes learning fun with Spanish music, dancing, art, and play. I would highly recommend Amiguitos preschool." - Cortney R.

"Our daughter first began attending Amiguitos Westside when she was just two years old. At first, we were nervous about how our then-toddler would be able to handle learning a new language while also entering a school environment for the first time. Our worries quickly vanished! Over the last three years we have watched her thrive thanks to Amiguitos’ loving and dedicated teachers and staff. The everyday mix of language comprehension, art, science, and outdoor play they provide creates a comfortable, fun environment for the kids to learn in. She loves speaking Spanish with her maestras, as well as with her classmates and family at home.


I could not be happier about our decision to enroll our daughter in Amiguitos. The love the teachers have for her, the challenging and creative concepts she has mastered, and the friendships she has made have been worth the investment (and then some!). We’re thrilled to be enrolling our youngest there next fall, too!" - Sabrina G.

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