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About Us


We opened our doors in 2000 with the goal of providing children 100% total Spanish immersion. 

We have an Eastside and Westside location to serve the Portland metro area. We first opened our Milwaukie location in 2000 and in 2011 we opened our second school on the Westside in the Cedar Hills area in Portland.



Mission Statement


The purpose of Amiguitos Preschool is to provide a safe, comfortable and loving environment rich in the Spanish language, spoken by qualified native speakers to enhance the cognitive, social and emotional development of our students.



Our Philosophy


Harvard psychologist Howard Gardner has spent many years analyzing the human brain function and its impact on education, including language learning. He says that there are several types of intelligence and these "Multiple Intelligences" can be linked to teaching a second language. Based on Gardner's principles, Amiguitos! believes that:


  • Children learn by doing

  • Language sounds should be reinforced by pictures & real objects

  • Learning should be fun

  • Children learn best when they are relaxed and comfortable

  • Dancing & moving to rhythm is important when learning a second language

  • Children learn through touching, tasting, hearing & smelling

  • Some children learn by reflecting


We believe in an integrated program that involves your children, the parents and our staff. Our philosophy incorporates open communication between staff and parents in a safe and stimulating environment that enriches the children through these important first years.



Our Staff

We have a dedicated native Spanish speaking staff that cares about not only how your child learns Spanish but about the well being of your child.

Amiguitos Eastside

Amiguitos Westside

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